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[pct-l] Hello from Flyin' Brian

Hi Folks!  This is Flyin' Brian Robinson using a friend's email account.

I'm currently resting in Boulder Colorado.  Yes, a zero day ;-)  The fact 
that it snowed about eight inches yesterday at 10,000 feet and I'm 
heading for 12,500 is the reason.  It was 20 degrees with 35 mile per 
hour winds this morning.  That's enough to take the fun out of walking 
along the continental divide, and I'd like to finish the Calendar Triple 
Crown with all my fingers and toes intact.

Buzz, Peter and Stephanie hiked 27 miles with me yesterday (9/8) while it 
snowed.  But it was relatively low elevation, so the conditions were not 
TOO bad.  We did get slowed down enough by the snow that we barely made 
it to the trailhead before dark.  Not good.  There are some pictures on 
the web, taken yesterday (9/8) by Buzz Burrell.  I'm the one with the 


For those unfamiliar with my trip, I'm attempting to be the first person 
to thru-hike the PCT, AT and CDT in the same year.  I've hiked over 6,000 
miles of it since January 1st and expect to complete the 7,400 mile trip 
in mid October, weather permitting.  My adventure can be followed on the 
following web site, updated regularly by my father Roy.


Flyin' Brian Robinson