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[pct-l] Racoon canister

 Actually the Olympic park requires canisters on their beach trails, but to 
control racoon behavior toward hikers instead of bears. The canister may be 
the wave of the future for awhile. Anyway, it will give me a project to mess 
with this winter. ( The Lloyd Bridges backpack) Double canister design with a 
tyvek bag mounted on the bottom for sleeping gear and clothing. Actually, 
Uphill Wander came up with a very good adaption of a external frame last year 
which she used a Jansport frame with a Golight breeze attached to the frame. 
This allowed her to have a light bag ,but plenty of support for 8 liters of 
water carried on the early sections of her PCT hike. I thought this was a 
great idea. Then she could dump the frame after the desert and just go with 
her Golight. Golight is a fine pack, but with 2 gallon of water and little 
support, it was marginal for some sections. ( My ," If I could have anything 
Pack", would be the Mountainsmith  3500 that many of last years crowd 
carried. Of course this year , it is beefed up to 4200ci, which is still