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[pct-l] Hiker Update Reported By Brawny

Brawny completed the JMT on June 23, and she is resting for a day or two =
at Tuolumne Meadows, before continuing north on the PCT.

She reported the following info on other hikers:

Ben is leaving from Tuolumne on Jun 24, continuing north on the PCT.

Simply Seeking and Joe Moon are taking a few days off in Yosemite =

FannyPack is believed to be in the vicinity of Red's Meadow.

Gutsy and Dan left Tuolumene the morning of June 23, continuing north on =
the PCT.

Alexa finished the JMT on June 22, then continued north on the PCT.

Citrus and Grizzly spent June 23 in Yosemite Valley and plan to continue =
north on the PCT, not sure of the exact date.

She said she had no word concerning Lightninbolt since a register entry =
she saw at Vermillion Valley that indicated he had been there on June 6 =
or June 7.=20

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