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[pct-l] wave of pct hikers hits ...

Thanks for the update; glad to hear that these folks made it through the

BTW, does anyone have contact info for the Valkyries (Emily, Genevieve, and
Pamela)? I just found out last night that my sister gave them showers, food,
and rides into town around Lake Arrowhead, where she lives. I wish I had
known that before we met them last week; something else to talk about!

My sister isn't a well-known trail angel, but since we hiked through in '77
(when she treated us royally), she's been on the lookout for PCT hikers
every spring, taking 'em in whenever she spots one.


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> I shuttled some thru hikers from Yosemite valley back
> to Tuolumne Meadows yesterday (they wanted to finish
> the JMT and see the valley).  They were: Brawny, Ben,
> and Daybreak.  Brawny mentioned that Lightning Bolt
> was hiking really fast, and is probably quite a ways
> north of here. Also saw a few more thrus- Alexa,
> Citrus and some others (missed the names). I printed
> and shared Carl's report with them (it was a big
> hit!)They all seem to be doing well and are loving the
> trail. I sure enjoyed hearing about their adventures.
> It sounds like a bunch more will be passing through in
> the next few days. The mosquitoes are starting to be a
> bother and there was a search on for 100% Deet (seems
> that the stores in the area only have 29%?). Another
> note - the hiker box at TM is pretty empty and the PCT
> register is missing this year...
> Katy