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[pct-l] PCT Flashback!!!!!

 Had a great lunch yesterday with Ron " Fallingwater" Moak and Dawn and 
Tripod!! Tripod just completed scanning about 400 of my 1977 slides onto CD 
rom ( so I don't have to drag out my 20 lb. slide projector!!) and put them 
to Allman Bros. music. I can now sit in front of my computer and zone out 
back in time for 30 mintues.  If anyone out there can still remember Gerry 
Tents and Holdubar gear, raise your hand!! The old slides show hiking gear 
from the stone age. ( Svea and Optimus stoves, Kelty Serracs, 5 pounds Peter 
Limmer , Vasque, Fabiano boots, water bottles with more plastic than a 
coleman canoe. Hike on class of 2001. PS &&&&& I will put a copy in with each 
Kick-off tape ordered and get one to each 1977 hiker out there still alive 
and well!!