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[pct-l] G4 pack problems

I'm hoping someone else with a G4 can suggest some solutions.  I have the
small G4, which seems like it will be fantastic IF I can fix this one
little problem.  That sleeve that the Z-Rest goes in on the outside has
the opening at the top where you slip it in.  I've found as I hike that
the pack actually slides down the Z-Rest, the Z-Rest begins popping out of
the opening of the sleeve, and after 30 minutes or so, the Z-Rest is
hanging out by 6 inches or so on the top and starts hitting me in the back
of the head.  Now I was a little confused when I first got this pack
because I had seen a G4 before, but the Z-Rest sleeve was sewn at both the
top and bottom, with a slit cut in the center to insert the pad.  Mine
didn't come like that.  Has anyone else noticed a problem?  What sorts of
set-ups to do your G4's have?  I've tried to contact Glen and ask him, but
he hasn't responded.  Looking forward to your responses...

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