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[pct-l] G4 pack problems

Glen is out of town and will return by the end of the week. He is super =
conscientious and I'm sure he'll respond to your message right away.

I have used the top opening as well as the older middle opening designs. =
Both worked well for me. The newer design is intended to reduce the =
problem of sagging that can occur as the Z-Rest begins to age. I have =
never experienced your problem but have a couple of ideas. I use six =
sections and narrow my Z-Rest by about 4 inches. When I insert in the =
pack I put it all the way in and thus have some extra material on the =
top of the pocket which may help to prevent the Z-Rest from moving up. =
If that doesn't solve the problem you may wish to close the pocket with =
a small strip of Velcro.=20

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