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[pct-l] Soda Can Windscreen

>  me a great windscreen he had made from the metal of your " Left Over" pop

>  cans. Just cut away the top and bottom parts of your soda can and cut a 
>  length ways slit down the side . Now your can will unroll flat and can be
>  Muffler taped " to two other cans prepared the same way. This will be
>  to go around your 1.4 liter pot. Paper punch bottom  for air supply. You
>  need six cans to make a good screen. Three on top of three taped
together. Of 
>  course the Roy Robinson " Turkey Pan " foil windscreen works great, but
>  just is fun because of and the " Bottomless" cans you have laying around 
>  after making several stoves..
for my windscreen i used  a roll of aluminum  roof flashing i found on a
construction site(homedepot sells it too). it worked out great,a couple of
snips with some tin shears a few holes punched and i was ready to go.

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