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[pct-l] Tuolumne to Echo Lake

I'm hoping to section hike Sec. I & J, preferably north bound, in the next
week or two.

To leave my car at Echo Lake and get to Tuolumne Meadows, the best I've been
able to figure is:

1. Take Greyhound from So. Lake Tahoe at 11:00 am, to Sacramento, and then
to Merced, arriving there 6:05 pm.
2. Get a room for the night.
2. Take YARTS at 7 am from Merced to Yosemite Valley, arriving 9:35 am.
3. Take YARTS at 5 pm from Yosemite Valley to Tuolumne, arriving 6:50 pm.
This is 20 hours total.

This is rather round about. To take Greyhound south from Tahoe requires:

1. Greyhound from So. Lake Tahoe at 11:45 am, to Reno for an 18 hour
layover, leaving there 7:45 am to arrive at Lee Vining at 11:15 am.
2. Hang around until 8:10 am the next day.
3. Take YARTS at 8:10 am to Tuolumne, arriving 9 am.
This is almost 2 full days total.

All this to drive a little over 200 miles.

Anyone have any better ideas?

Bill "AsABat" Jeffrey

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