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[pct-l] Tuolumne to Echo Lake


    don't know if you've considered hitch-hiking part of the way. Years ago, I
hitch-hiked to/from a few hikes along the JMT. I once spent most of a day plus a
nite layover hitching into Florence Lake. OTOH, on another trip, I met up with a
couple of other backpackers coming out at Florence Lake, struck up a
conversation, and got a ride all the way home. They were from San Leandro and I
lived in Oakland at the time so this worked out wonderful for me.
    at the least you would probably have an easy hitch from Lee Vining to
Tuolumne Meadows especially if you carried some sort of destination sign.
    I think the hitching will be easier on the east side of the Sierra down 395
-- more remote and not heavy traffic.
    one more idea -- do you have any friends or acquaintances who are anxious to
take a little trip (both drive to Echo Lake; then he takes you to Tuolumne).

    where there is a will, there is a way.

AsABat wrote:

> I'm hoping to section hike Sec. I & J, preferably north bound, in the next
> week or two.
> To leave my car at Echo Lake and get to Tuolumne Meadows, the best I've been
> able to figure is:
> 1. Take Greyhound from So. Lake Tahoe at 11:00 am, to Sacramento, and then
> to Merced, arriving there 6:05 pm.
> 2. Get a room for the night.
> 2. Take YARTS at 7 am from Merced to Yosemite Valley, arriving 9:35 am.
> 3. Take YARTS at 5 pm from Yosemite Valley to Tuolumne, arriving 6:50 pm.
> This is 20 hours total.
> This is rather round about. To take Greyhound south from Tahoe requires:
> 1. Greyhound from So. Lake Tahoe at 11:45 am, to Reno for an 18 hour
> layover, leaving there 7:45 am to arrive at Lee Vining at 11:15 am.
> 2. Hang around until 8:10 am the next day.
> 3. Take YARTS at 8:10 am to Tuolumne, arriving 9 am.
> This is almost 2 full days total.
> All this to drive a little over 200 miles.
> Anyone have any better ideas?
> Bill "AsABat" Jeffrey

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