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[pct-l] Crest Rider and JoAnn

For any of you wondering about the where-abouts and how-abouts of Crest Rider 
and JoAnn, Crest Rider wrote to me the following:

In a message dated 06/04/2001 10:34:51 PM Pacific Daylight Time, 
NeffJ@email.msn.com writes:

<< Joanne and I are both off of the trail.  She purchased a new horse in
 Warner Springs that had a previous saddle sore that was aggravated by her
 saddle.  She went back to using Cat who had two weeks off and was looking
 good.  But there was something wrong with the saddle and cat also was
 developing a saddle sore in the same location.  She made it as far as Van
 Duesen Canyon and then was hauled back to the Heart Bar Group camp.  I made
 it as far as Middleton's with both pack horses and sent one back to Miramar
 with my son as he was losing too much weight.  Then just above the "nice
 creek side camp"  my other pack horse planted his feet and said that's all
 folks!  I had to leave the packs along side of the trail for 4 days until
 son could walk in with the other pack horse and retrieve the stuff that was
 left after the bear had scattered  everything all over.  As my horses are
 much more important than my dream I decided to come home to WA and rethink.
 I will be doing WA in July and Aug in short bursts.  Hopefully will meet up
 with some of the great people I met in CA.  I talked to Joanne's husband
 last night.  She has been trying to find a pack mule or horse to just pack
 on but is not having much success.  He thinks that she will probably have to
 return home soon and replan.
 Thanks for your help at Lake Morena and the great time at the party.
 Hopefully I'll be there again in 2-3 years after I get other stock and get
 them trained.  I am thinking about mustangs.
 Happy Hiking!!
 Crest rider and the boys aka Faye >>

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