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[pct-l] Am I logged-on to the wrong group?

Hi to everyone from Stehekin-on-the-PCT

Maybe I missed something here, but WHO is going to carry all of the pans,
etc, needed to
cook these delicious cook-at-home-recipes? Why are we seeing this material
on the PCT-L
instead of on some cooking group?

I'm glad the Stehekin Pastry Company is again open for business so my
taste-buds can be satisfied by something more than interesting food recipes
showing up here!

By -the-way, the snow in the high country in the Stehekin environs is
melting rapidly so PCT
hikers will enjoy clear trails much earlier this year. We drove our vehicle
all the way to the NPS parking lot at the so-called "Glory Mountain" site at
the present 'end' of the road.

73 to everyone!

Dick - wildman - Bingham