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[pct-l] Am I logged-on to the wrong group?

On Sat, 2 Jun 2001 17:45:51 -0700, Dick and Adele Bingham wrote:

>  Hi to everyone from Stehekin-on-the-PCT
>  Maybe I missed something here, but WHO is going to carry all of the pans,
>  etc, needed to
>  cook these delicious cook-at-home-recipes? Why are we seeing this
>  on the PCT-L
>  instead of on some cooking group?
i love checking out new recipies. like a lot of other hikers i get into a
food rut,of the same 3 or4 meals over and over,so any new food ideas are
welcome. remember distance hiking for most of us is a small part of our
outdoor life. if im going out for only a night or two , I dont mind carrying
extra cooking gear and supplies for a special meal,actually some of my most
memerable meals have been something i cooked up in camp. rob

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