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[pct-l] Jardine- need help

At 6:46 AM -0800 6/18/01, JohnFayeNeff wrote:
>I don't know the suppliers that he had listed, but in his new  book he says
>Outdoor Wilderness Fabrics in Nampa ID (208)466-1602.  owfinc.com.  They
>have the1.1 oz sinylon seconds at @$5/yd.  They also carry the no-see-um
>Crest Rider

Thanks...their 800 number (for the silnylon - silicone coated nylon
archive!) is 693-7467 and another supplier is @ 800-359-6931.

The $5.95 per yard price is for approx 60"-65" wide x 1 yard manufacturing
seconds. (Uneven sil coating- but supposedly no missed spots!)

The $9.95 per yard price (60"x 1 yard but "1st quality" coating.