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[pct-l] the journey

Right on, Mad Monte. and Wayne.

One of my most favorite quotes;

It's important to have an end to journey toward
but it's the journey that matters in the end.
    Ursula Leguin

And the version of the other quote you mentioned that I first heard walking out from my second "unsuccessful" (meaning I didn't reach the top) Everest expedition was said by Gary Ball. He was Rob Hall's climbing/business partner (died on Dhauligiri in the fall of '93) who was co-leader of the expedition and had also not summited. He's the one who nicknamed my Maggot which is my trail name. He said, "You know, Maggot, the summit is only the excuse for being here."

Summit, trail, Canada, whatever the goal is, it is only the excuse to be in the process. Enjoy the process, whatever it is!  :-)

Namaste, Maggot

Wayne Thompson wrote:

> I agree with Margo.  I have been a climber and backpacker for years (I'll be 51 in July.)  In 1994 I went with a non-commercial  international team to climb K2.  Since I didn't have the vacation time a stay the length of time to stay and reach the summit I did what I could- reached nearly to 21,500 ft.  Others summited, many didn't, and some died trying.  What I remember most was the experience of enjoying the entire trip:the adventure, little things along the way, the local people, villages, different foods, language, scenery, etc.  I learned alot on that adventure.  The climbing was incidental compared to all the other wonderful experiences during the two months in Pakistan.  Do I regret not summiting? Yes.  But, I came back alive.  I came back to enjoy other climbs and hikes.  I have hiked many miles in the Sierras.  I would like to hike the PCT someday.  For me to set the goal of starting and reaching the end is significant and important for success- it keeps you focused and
> moving (one-step-at-a-time) forward.  But more now that ever enjoying each step along the way (smelling the roses, so to speak) enhances the personal reward (at least for me.)
> For those of you who are on the trail now, enjoy the journey.  For those of you who are planning you trip, good luck, I know you'll succeed.  And for those who have done it: congratulations!  I know that each have had your own individual rewards.
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