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[pct-l] friends.backcountry.net update (admin)

Hi folks,

    Due to a lot of disk usage, I've moved the friends.backcountry.net sites
on to their own server and disk.   Previously it was competing for space on
the same server that houses the mailing lists.

    In any case,  this move should be transparent to folks;  same URLs, same
usernames and passwords.   The only change that may be evident (besides a
lot more space being available) is that you absolutely have to ftp to
friends.backcountry.net to do your uploads.

For those mailing list members who have no idea what I'm talking about:

-  I've offered free webspace for hiking/outdoors related non-commercial
sites.   See the directories at http://friends.backcountry.net.    If you
need some place to put your own site; please contact me with a username and
password and a brief description of your site and I'd be happy to give you

For the "seasoned users":

- When I moved the data to the new server, I noticed a number of big zip
files, exe files, etc.   Please don't leave these around indefinitely,  it
does cost me money to keep adding space :-).

Thanks, and back to the wonderful three day weekend,