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[pct-l] the journey

I agree with Margo.  I have been a climber and backpacker for years =
(I'll be 51 in July.)  In 1994 I went with a non-commercial  =
international team to climb K2.  Since I didn't have the vacation time a =
stay the length of time to stay and reach the summit I did what I could- =
reached nearly to 21,500 ft.  Others summited, many didn't, and some =
died trying.  What I remember most was the experience of enjoying the =
entire trip:the adventure, little things along the way, the local =
people, villages, different foods, language, scenery, etc.  I learned =
alot on that adventure.  The climbing was incidental compared to all the =
other wonderful experiences during the two months in Pakistan.  Do I =
regret not summiting? Yes.  But, I came back alive.  I came back to =
enjoy other climbs and hikes.  I have hiked many miles in the Sierras.  =
I would like to hike the PCT someday.  For me to set the goal of =
starting and reaching the end is significant and important for success- =
it keeps you focused and moving (one-step-at-a-time) forward.  But more =
now that ever enjoying each step along the way (smelling the roses, so =
to speak) enhances the personal reward (at least for me.)

For those of you who are on the trail now, enjoy the journey.  For those =
of you who are planning you trip, good luck, I know you'll succeed.  And =
for those who have done it: congratulations!  I know that each have had =
your own individual rewards.

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