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[pct-l] PCT verse Mt. Baggers

 I love to climb as well. I don't blame people trying for any Mt.  What I 
once read on this list was a phase that I truely love. " The summit is only 
an excuse to be on the Mountain" This also is a good way to look at the PCT.  
Canada is just an excuse to be on a PCT thru-hike. Or the journey is more 
important than the end!!!!!!!!!!   Bottom line is enjoy each day on the trail 
and make the most of it. ( 94 people in 4 days is lame) I am now  president 
of  " Hikers against Peak Baggers.com) To join simply send me 19.95 for your 
bi-yearly newletter plus colorful window sticker. ( Plus, I don't have the 
extra 65,000 smackers for a ticket to the top of Everest) Mad Monte, PCT 
Bagger of 77