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[pct-l] Punk Remark

Ok....forgive my "punk" remark.

I merely wanted to remind everybody that a walk in Nature has so many
values, so much to teach, so much to absorb, so much that we are
overlooking, --especially when we insist on bringing our competitive, self
centered compulsion to win, insistence on being bigger and better and
lighter and longer or stronger....the first guy to do something.  When we
walk away from Main Street and or Wall Street or Success Street, and walk
onto the forested trail, it's not about ME or YOU, but rather something
spiritual and primal.  We are taught from a young age to try to be first
among our fellow men,  some folks can escape that on a long hike....others
bring it with them.  They are totally self indulgent and can not learn the
lessons of actualization by Nature: Nature becomes just another enemy to
defeat in a battle for self aggrandizement.  They are noisy, distracting,
and their efforts are misplaced.  They cannot sit around the campfire and
have a discussion without reference to their daily mileage.  It is their
shallow victory.  If we are kind we do not take it away from them.
Sometimes I forget to be kind.