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[pct-l] RE: hikin' your own hike, and such

>In a message dated 5/9/2001 5:41:45 AM Eastern Daylight Time,
>WilliamEdwardKendall@msn.com writes:

>>"Hi ....my name is Joe-Thru-Hiker, and I do 30 mile
>> days, and everybody else is a PUNK".

 Hi, my name is Joe-Thru-Hiker. In my experience (@ 9,100 thru-hiking miles)
I can't recall ever meeting a thru-hiker who actually thought this way.
The hundreds of thru-hikers I've met were respectful of any and all hikers
on the trail. Moreover, if I was seeking attention, hiking a long trail
would be
the last place I'd go! I go there to be alone!!

 In my experience, the high mileage days are more of an "internal" experience,
while the shorter days are more "external". I can enjoy it both ways,
and don't give-a-damn how far anyone else hikes.

 William, the only post I've seen calling other hikers "Punks" is yours.

Hike your own hike,

Dave (WalkOn)