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[pct-l] Triple crown Hiking

 Just saw a copy of Karen Berger's  book " Hiking the Triple Crown ". Many 
people on this list donated quotes which makes the reading fun!! ( Half of 
whom I met last week) Lots of quotes from my hero " Flyin Brian" Robinson, 
who is a low key and classy guy  who is doing a Triple crown in one year. 
Also  has a few quotes from old "  Has Beens" Strider and myself. Roger 
Carpenter also has a few words of wisdom as does Brian, Carol Eddy, Willian 
Jenning, and many more. A must for any armchair thru-hiker at heart!!! My 
body is stuck on a locomotive ,but my heart is on the trail!!!!!  Desert sage 
smells, barrel catus blooms, the buzz of a frighten rattler, the ugly water 
of Pioneer mail, the last snow banks of fuller ridge, the taste of fresh 
apple pie in Julian!!!! Yes, trail life lives in my soul.  Mad Monte