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[pct-l] Biggest resupply surprise???

In a message dated 2/17/2001 2:44:09 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
CitrusHicker@aol.com writes:

<< My question is for people that have resupplied en route before.  What was 
 biggest surprise you had while buying food?  As in, "Yeah! this store is a 
 lot better than I anticipated" or "Uh oh, I'm going to starve". >>

There's only one resupply in California where you'll likely to starve and 
that's Warner Springs, it's best to mail yourself a package there.  Since it 
appears the store in Agua Dulce has closed, along with the PO, you could be 
in real trouble here, except Donna Sauffley will probably accept packages and 
or take you to the nearest store.  

Beldon and Burney State Park are two stops where you may want to consider 
mailing yourself a package, although BeldonTown Resort and the State Park 
have small stores and hiker boxes.  You can get into the town of Burney 
fairly easy.

With Butch's passing it's going to be difficult to get through the High 
Sierra if VVR isn't open, but I'd suggest seriously considering a resupply in 
Independance and then at Red's Meadow where you can easily resupply enroute 
to make it to Toulemne Meadows.  The side trail to Kearsarge Pass and Onion 
Valley is extremely scenic and not all that difficult.  It's best to ask at 
the Onion Valley trailhead for a ride into town.

For Oregon, it's probably best to do all your resupply for the state in 
Ashland and mail or UPS (if neccesary) your packages to PO's and resort along 
the way .  Likewise, with Washington and Cascade Locks.

Two places where you can resupply enroute and break up two of the longest 
stretches on the trail (about 150 miles each) are in Onyx, which has a much 
better stocked store than reported, and a PO, at about a 100 miles from 
Mojave and Tehachapi and 50 miles from Kennedy Meadows.

Coming out of Cascade Locks to White Pass, there's the Stabler Country store, 
on Wind River Rd,  at about the 35 mile mark and 4000 feet of elevation gain. 
 It's about a mile off trail, but where you can continue on an alternate 
route to Panther Creek Campground.  They'll also accept packages.  

And the small town of Trout Lake with everything, about a 20 mile hitch on 
fairly well used Road 23 at about the 83 mile mark from Cascade Locks.

Hope this all helps and I'm sure to have left some things out, but it's not 
as logistically complex as it seems, once you're out on the trail.