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[pct-l] Winter stoves!

 It all depends on how many people will be using it. If I go with a group of 
4 or more, it's best to drag out my 54oz. Optimus 111 which is a multi-fuel 
stove that has a fairly quite burner when cooking and will simmer as well as 
anything made. It has a built in pump and will burn 2 hours on one filling. I 
still choose white gas over kerosene even in winter because its so much more 
clean and no soot. It will hold a large pot for melting snow and still remain 
much more stable than MSR type stoves. For rafting, canoeing or groups, you 
cannot top this stove. The down side( as all things have one) is the cost and 
high weight. You will pay 160.00 for this Swedish flame thrower if you can 
even find one. Most likely, you will need to special order. Weight reduces 
it's appeal to groups only. ( Unless you don't mind a stove that weighs as 
much as your summer tent and sleeping bag combine! If it's only one or two on 
your winter trips, stay with tried and true white gas stoves. MSR -model XGK 
is still very hard to beat for just flat out melting snow. ( though pot stand 
is only good for pots in the 2 to 3 litter range) I still use my old MSR 
model 9 which was the very first MSR ever made which was built in 1973 and 
still going strong. This is my Rainier stove and goes on each climb. XGK or 
any other MSR's white gas models should be fine for 1 or 2 people on a winter 
trip. Also don't write off the antique Svea 123 as a great little winter 
stove. It doesn't have a very big fuel tank to melt lots of snow and is on 
the " Tippy" side when loaded with a larger pot, but is as reliable as a 
stove can be and will be burning for your kids after you are long dead!!! Mad