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[pct-l] Biggest resupply surprise???

I found Chris Bailey's resupply observations to be almost right on the money. 
 The PCT town guide was OK for resupply  info.

<A HREF="http://www.pcta.org/plan/resupply.shtml";>Online Resources</A> 


My own two cents:

Warner Springs had more than "extremely limited snacks".  You could probably 
resupply here for the 35 miles to Kamp Anza.

Kamp Anza - I didn't stay or resupply here, but by other thru hiker's 
accounts I probably should have.  They take maildrops, had a hiker box, and 
last year took hikers into Anza for resupply.

Big Bear City - there were two supermarkets in Big Bear Lake, about 3 miles 
down the road by public transportation.  The selection and prices were much 
better than the small store at Big Bear City.

Agua Dulce - The store in town had an extremely small selection (not 
indicated in the town guide), and the store is rumored to be now closed.  You 
could get a ride into town with the Saufleys for resupply.  The post office 
was open last year in the market, but I'm not sure of the status for this 
year.  Also, the Century 21 agency mentioned in the town guide was supposedly 
sold to new owners last year.  It would probably be safest to send a maildrop 
to the Saufleys.
 <A HREF="http://www.hikerheaven.com/";>Hiker Heaven Agua Dulce</A> 

Kennedy Meadows - I'm not sure how last year's fires affected the store.  
Plan on a maildrop here.  I'd resupply here only if I were getting off at 
Lone Pine for resupply (40 miles).

VVR - I'm not sure of the status after Butch's death.  This stop was one of 
the highlights of my thu hike last year.  A maildrop is advisable, but I got 
by on the store and the hiker box.

Red's Meadows - There was a previous thread on the maildrop policy of Red's 
Meadows.  Bottom line - don't send a maildrop here.  I found the people here 
to be fine.  The town guide says "Full resupply not possible", but I found 
more than enough food for the 35 miles to Tuolome Meadows.

Tuoleme Meadows - good store for resupply - and the prices weren't marked up 
too much.

South Lake Tahoe/Echo Lake - If I had to do it again, I'd resupply at Echo 
Lake for the 60 miles to Truckee.  SLT was a major hassle and a major town 

Truckee - Stay at Pooh's Corner and get a shuttle to the store from Bill 

Sierra City - decent store for resupply.

Belden - barely enough food for resupply.  The post office was right off the 
trail, but the trail north of Belden was relocated due to a rockslide.  The 
hikers that resuplied at the PO had to backtrack a mile to get back on the 
relocation.  Some hikers decided to stay on the damaged trail and found the 
rockslide section to be extermely challenging/dangerous.

Old Station - OK store for resupply (town guide says "limited supplies").

Burney Falls - They charged $2 for a maildrop (not indicated in the town 
guide).  Almost everything in my maildrop was in the camper store.  It would 
have been cheaper to buy the items in the store.  Other hikers have hitched 
to Burney for resupply.

Ashland - good for resupply for Oregon.

Fish Lake Resort - good cheeseburgers, OK snacks.  They had a free camping 
area on the lake for thru hikers.  a worthwhile 2 mile detour for pigging out.

Crater Lake NP - expensive and barely adequate resupply at the NP store.  The 
PO is a few miles from the trail.  A maildrop can be sent to the Crater Lake 
Lodge by UPS.  A few hikers had problems with this maildrop - the packages 
were sent to Mazama Village instead of the Rim Village.  This resulted in a 
backtrack of about 8 miles.

Shelter Cove Resort - maildrop with UPS, OK snacks, possibly food for 

Big Lake Youth Camp - another good pigout sidetrip during mealtime.  They 
took maildrops last year.  Their hiker box had more decent food than I saw 
anywhere on the PCT or AT.

Olallie Lake Resort - maildrop at store, OK snacks, possibly food for 

Timberline Lodge - no snacks at store, except ice cream!  Vending machine 
candy bars and soda.  Town Guide says "Very limited groceries at the store".  
I'd say - none.

Cascade Locks - good for resupply for Washington.  Chris Bailey's comments on 
resupply for Washington were accurate.

Manning Park - enough food and snacks for a few days.  Town Guide:  
"Extremely limited snacks at the gift shop".  They had enough food to get by, 
but probably not enough for a southbound resupply.

Starman PCT00
Camel AT98