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[pct-l] Signal to noise ratio

Staggerin' Willie writes:

Sly, just how long did it take you to finish the trail?....

Not all that looong actually, over the course of last two years I probably spent seven months on the PCT to complete.  Most of the time I did the "thru-hiker thang", which is more twenty plus mile days than one should be subject. The other time spent, was taking my time, exploring areas off trail, in towns or trying to make enough money to get back to the trail.

One of my basic premises while "thru-hiking" is to explore, not only the trail, but adjacent areas, the history, the peoples and cultures, not matter how long it takes! 

I just can't see myself locked into a ambiguous definition of a spritual jouney aka thru-hiking.  

Other may believe it's a timed event....


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