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[pct-l] bears vs. bureaucrats.

Well, at least someone else has concrete evidence to back up my claim of the 
illegality of hanging food. I saw a sign in Kings Canyon stating so in June 
of '99 but of course there's no way to prove it. The point is, the 
bureaucrats are leaning that way and will soon, I predict, require you to 
carry a bear canister and/or camp in designated areas with bear boxes. Bored 
bureaucrats are forever coming up with new regulations to justify their jobs 
and seem to love repudiating and over turning their predecessors. They make 
great scape goats. I have no intention of going against the grain and 
spending lot's of time in court. It's much easier to bend with the wind and 
just let them send the fine to an address that doesn't exist.
   One more bear story and I swear on a bible that every word is true. One 
night out from tuolumne meadows while setting up camp, a black bear that was 
colored an unusual light tan came into it. I believe that this same bear has 
been mentioned by others in previous posts. He is VERY used to being around 
people. My immediate response was to get MAD not afraid. I verbally abused 
that sucker and threw the biggest rocks I could find in his direction. One 
landed in a creek just in front of him and he got drenched. Then I picked up 
a large limb and SMASHED it against a tree breaking it into many pieces. He 
got the hint and decided a bashed nose just wasn't worth a tasty meal. After 
dinner I stuck my food in my tent and went to sleep within ten minutes 
because I KNEW beyond a doubt that he wouldn't DARE come back. I was right. I 
later heard he went on down to the next camp and kept the people there awake 
most of the night before he finally got their hung food. So go ahead, hang 
your food and bait them. Sooner or later they'll be around and sooner or 
later they'll get it. A bear's forte is problem solving. They are much 
cleverer than your average 100 I. Q bureaucrat who would starve without 
grocery stores.
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