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RE: RE: [pct-l] more on bears

During my hike this year, through northern Yosemite, a backcountry ranger heading south ask me about a permit and how I dealt with my food.  I explained I had a permit, but not on my person, I was in the system and I keep my food in my tent.  He said, ok with the permit, the next ranger may cite me (never did see another), but that I was required to counter balance my food and asked if I knew how.  Sure I knew how, but everyone I knew that lost food, had hung it. Not impressed, he repeated that I should hang my food and that it was required.  Sure I will... no problem, thanks, have a good day.  

We departed, but I forgot to mention, I carried no rope! 

I prefer to keep my food with me unless there's a bear box around. I've never had a problem with any critter, never mind a bear and have never lost it.  I know some have talked about bear alleys, such as Lyell Canyon, but I stayed there too, amoung others.   

If for some reason I thought I'd best not keep my food with me, I be more apt to stash my food bag nearby on the ground, perhaps in an Ursasack (if I had one).  I just can't see hanging my food in the wind.  

Your opinions may differ,  Sly

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