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[pct-l] It's gonna all be better now

>From: "Reynolds, WT" <reynolds@ilan.com>

>Prospective thruhikers hoping to take a leave of absence or quit a job,
>hoping for a strong job market in October 2001 are very likely to be

*Looking wide-eyed and innocent*  But why would that be??? We're gonna have 
a Republican President with a Republican majority in the House and Senate so 
everything is gonna be all better isn't it? They're the good guys, would 
never lie to us, and just want what's right and best for us....right? Some 
times we want to do dumb things like get an abortion or not believe in The 
One True God but they will protect us from ourselves and help us do right by 
making us…right? We've had a very strong economy for 8 years now with a 
Republican majority being hamstrung by that mean nasty violent rapist draft 
dodging wastrel as President holding them back so now with the forces of 
Good and Wholesome finally unleashed and unfettered after 40 years in the 
tax and spend wilderness it can only get better, right? The economy can only 
get better because Right and Good is finally in charge.... right? Now that 
everything is right in the world it can only get better...right? Well, I 
guess they couldn’t screw it up much worse than the other guys did when they 
were in complete control. At least the Republicans wanted us in Viet Nam and 
Kuwait for good and sound reasons...profit and to kill those Godless Commies 
and infidel Muslims...not like those idiot Democrats that couldn’t clearly 
articulate why we were in either place. We’ve probably got way too many 
Monuments and Wilderness areas anyway. It will be good to return some of 
them to productive uses. The EPA is way too expensive and, if it’s gonna 
cost businesses that much we’ll just have to get used to breathing what ever 
air we get. We carry filters so water quality isn’t all that important to 
us.  And I won’t have to worry my pretty little head about morality or what 
is good and right because they are going to tell me and if I just won’t 
listen they’ll back it up with men with guns. But it will all be for my own 
Jerry…but I’ll be a better person soon

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