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[pct-l] we don't need no stinking UNFAIR user fees

I'm in no way advocating the following because I don't want to be charged 
with the crime of conspiracy to commit fraud. Let's just say I'm playing the 
devil's advocate. Elvis objects to backpacking user fees because they are 
used to maintain access roads and remodel lodges as well as maintain trails. 
He objects because other non backpacking users also use this road, lodges and 
trails but don't have to pay extra fees. He decides a little civil 
disobedience is in order. He gets a quality ink jet printer and prints out a 
fake drivers license from, say, Graceland. He then hikes without paying his 
user fees and, of course, inevitably gets caught by a back country ranger. 
With tongue in cheek, he sheepishly admits to his "crime," promises never to 
do it again, hands over his fake ID and takes his "lumps." Other civil 
obedienters who never question authority wag their tongues and cry shame on 
you , Elvis, your nothing but a hound dog, crying all the time and may your 
jailhouse rock. But Elvis is convinced he's right and pays no heed saying you 
can do anything but stay off of my blue suede hiking boots. How is Elvis 
going to be forced to pay his misguided user fees, when he is convinced that 
two unfairs make a right and uses a fake ID? What happens if Elvis's strategy 
catches on and the NPS is flooded with fine envelopes stamped with "return to 
sender , address unknown, no such number, no such zone"? Once again, this is 
just a possible scenario, not an advocation.  Moral of the story - user fees 
had better be fair and equitable or people will find a way around them. Elvis 
and Ghandi rule! 
  P.S. Elvis went back to driving a truck. He gave me a ride to White's Motel 
in Mojave whining the whole way about the highway fees truckers pay. 
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