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Re: Question Answered - Re: Humor - [pct-l] canadian border crossing

>BTW, are you the real "Hiker Bob"? Your name is now "Jerry" vice "Bob"
>and your email address has changed (grin). Could be worse though ...
>you might live in the Upper Midwest, suffer through US West
>telecommunications services, and be a fan of Greenbay.

Nope....it's just me. I've always been me, as far as I know. Actually, I 
dislike the lies and manipulations of either side. I have a basic distrust 
of anyone that wants to be in charge. But I am much more afraid of the 
Republican right than I am the Democrat left. The Democrats want to kill 
unborn babies but the Republicans want to kill or lock up any adults that 
disagree with them. I'm an adult..sorta. I disagree with them. That makes me 
nervous. I'm just too afraid of them unfettered by anyone else. It always 
works best when the President is of the opposite party. They're still gonna 
screw us but at least they spend most of their energy pissing on each other 
instead of me.
Jerry....the one and only...probably a good thing.
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