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RE: [pct-l] pack dilemna

After 600 miles of sharp knife in the back pain while hiking So Cal using an
internal frame lightweight pack, I got a 7 lb K2 shortbed.  It is the MOST
comfortable pack I've ever carried.  But it weighs over 7 lbs.  I am in the
process of replacing its heavy overkill bag with one made of lightweight
spectra and even lighter weight coated ripstop.  This is easy because the
bag attaches to the frame with Velcro.  It's the frame and suspension that
make this pack so comfortable to my feeble body.  You men are strong enough
even when not in the best of shape to get away with those minimal frame
packs, but not me.  Hope to have the pack ready for the Gathering.

Beth in Portland,OR

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