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[pct-l] Umbrellas

Yes! on umbrellas. I hike in the Northwet year round and usually carry an
umbrella. My last one only lasted a few months as I did too much
bushwacking with it. I found one at Target with aluminum spines that folds
up into a teeny package. It was about $15. I've only used it a few times
but  it seems to be holding up ok, even in the wind. Umbrellas are the
only way to go: cool, face is dry, and I'm just plain happier. I also
carry raingear for those windy places (Frogg Toggs). 90% of the time, the
umbrella works great though.

I've toyed with which types work best. THose that don't fold up into
thirds or halves, and those that do. Since the spines are what fails in my
experience, I'm thinking maybe the umbrellas with thousands of parts (that
fold up small) might work out better. I'l know more at the end of the
season since my latest has a billion links in its mechanism. Stay tooned.

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