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[pct-l] pack dilemna

For me going ultra light isn't much of an option. I went through a 
windshield when I was 4 yo and it really put the zap on my upper middle  
back.  Now that I am almost 40 I have to be very careful, daily excercises 
blah blah blah.

My PT (who is a backpacker) telling me to keep as much weight off of my 
shoulders as I can.  Of course I like to not only hike light but hike long.

The lack of flexibility in a conventional frame pack really bothers me these

days. It seems to me that my best option may be to go with the configuration

that Michael has on his ultralight webpage of light pack on the shoulder and

a hip pack.  I would probably go with a bigger hip pack and smaller shoulder


My dilemna is getting the right configuration or just throwing that idea out

and starting with something totally different. It feels like an overwhelming

task partially because I have hiked so long with my old jansport d5 that I'm

unsure aboutanything else.

Anybody have any experience in this area?

Jack Young
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