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[pct-l] Pacific Crest Trailway online!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's late and I'm tired and I'll let the pages speak for themselves. I
finally have the Pacific Crest Trailway book online at:


The Pacific Crest Trailway is the granddaddy of the PCT guidebooks.  It
is the one compiled by Clinton C. Clarke and published in 1945.  It is
mentioned in the introduction to the PCT guidebooks.  Since it is so rare,
I decided to make an online version of the book so everyone could read it.
I came across the book 2 years ago and didn't have any time to make an
online version of the book until now.  I've spent most of the past week
working on the pages.  I might get around to making graphic buttons, but
then again, good ole blue links never hurt anyone.

It helps if you have a faster connection to the net when reading the book.
As I explained on the website, I was unable to make a text version of the
book, so I had to scan all of the pages as .jpg graphic files 100-200k in
size...but at least you get the real deal.

I probably have a couple typos here and there so please let me know
about them and what you think in general.

Oh yeah, if someone can also give me a little more history on the book
for the website I'd appreciate it.

Craig Giffen
Portland, OR

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