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Re: [pct-l] Pacific Crest Trailway online!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Excellent job Craig! I also have an original copy of Clarke's book (a
surplus item sold from the collection of the Huntington Library about 20
years ago). Not willing to give up my copy of this wonderful tome, I've
searched dozens of used bookstores for another copy that I could share with
my hiking buds. Now I can just point 'em to your site!

One possible issue that you should be aware of, however: copyright. I don't
recall all the particulars of the various applicable copyright laws (and I'm
not sure that the copyright owner would object in any case), but it's likely
that this book will be covered by copyright for 70 years after the author's
death. (You can find some more information at

IANAL, I'm just an author and hiker.

1977 Kelty Kid

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