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Re: [pct-l] Home made bear canisters

At 11:34 PM 8/13/00 , Mark Chaisson <mchaisso@ucsd.edu> wrote:

>Last summer my friend and I used some 4" (.25" wide) pvc pipes to make 
>some canisters for storing food.  They have a sealed bottom and a threaded 
>cap.  We used them in Zion, but there didn't seem to be any wildlife 
>there.  We are going on a 4 day jaunt in the Rocky Mountains.  Does anyone 
>expect them to work?

a couple years back, I played with PVC and ABS pipe trying to make some 
bear cannisters. I made some that I am confident were strong enough to keep 
a bear out. HOWEVER assembling these devices from off the shelf materials 
resulted in a HEAVY cannister. The commercial products now available are 
made specifically to reduce weight while maintaining strength. If you want 
to use a bear can, and are going to carry it, then I'd recommend buying one.



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