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[pct-l] Williamson Williamson

Interesting coincidence: I found an entry from Scott Williamson, the elusive 
super-hiker, in the summit register on Middle Palisade the other day. I 
didn't know he was a climber as well. The PCT is never far from his 
thoughts, it seems: he signed his name and "PCT 2000 yo-yo."

...meanwhile, back in Tuoulumne Meadows:
            The wild-eyed thru-hiker in battered hat and pack strides in 
through the frosty morning to see the awful miasma of eight o'clock on a 
Yosemite morning. Kids crying, R/V's stalling, people mad 'cause the cafe 
doesn't open until eight. Idea: we need thru-hiker re-entry zones placed at 
strategic locations along the trail. We can play the frazzled wilderness 
adventurer soothing music as they sit in warm water and view photos of 
civilization as we know it. Re-introduce the "automobile," "credit card," 
and "comb," before they stride out beaming with welcome for the world 
previously left behind.

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