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[pct-l] I carry less overall weight......

At 07:21 PM 7/19/00 , Reynolds, WT wrote:
>  While it MAY be true that a hiker who specializes in
>dehydrating his own meat can beat the performance of a canister stove with
>alcohol, damn few hikers can. In general I carry less overall weight because
>I can simmer and cook normal meals with a canister stove.

Pre oak and heat works just fine for most backpacker meals that I have ever 
used. I don't ever bring "normal food" that needs to be cooked on a 
backpacking trip.

I will generally carry overall less weight because I will only carry the 
fuel I need, not whatever is left in the canister, and maybe an extra 
canister 'cause I'm not sure how much fuels is left in the one I have.......

The fuel is often the heavy stuff, not the stove.


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