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RE: [pct-l] Bears and Nyquil

It's harder than ever to recommend a good canister stove. The Snow Peak is
light (4 oz), reasonably cheap and has a small canister available.
Unfortunately They insist on using their own brand canister. The Primus
Titanium is somewhat more expensive but has a medium and large canister
available as well as accepting most any canister.

All these stoves screw onto the top of a canister. This makes using a MSR
type windscreen difficult. I made a device, called a "star" out of coat
hangers.Basically I wrapped two peices of wire around the neck of a canister
and twisted them together. This created a circle and four (4) spokes. I cut
off the spokes at about 4" and this supports a MSR windscreen. Without this
the canister may get too hot if enclosed in a windscreen.

Several people have challenged my contention that a canister stove is easier
and lighter. While it MAY be true that a hiker who specializes in
dehydrating his own meat can beat the performance of a canister stove with
alcohol, damn few hikers can. In general I carry less overall weight because
I can simmer and cook normal meals with a canister stove.

Tom Reynolds

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