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Re: [pct-l] washington state laundry facilities?

Stehekin has a campground and expensive rooms in the lodge. There is laundry
service. More importantly, the lodge serves and all you can eat dinner

Skykomish: I stayed in the hotel above the PO (Get a group in there if you
can, it's cheap). They did our laundry for us! Can you believe that? I can't
remember how much it cost. The isn't much in terms of restaurants. There are
two but they aren't that great.

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on 7/17/00 6:46 PM, John Ubinger at jjubie@icubed.com wrote:

> what are the facilities like in Skykomish and Stehekin (other than the post
> office?)
> any sleeping or laundry facilities?
> thanks!
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