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[pct-l] transport from Seattle to Snoqualmie Pass

<jjubie@icubed.com> asked:
>>Is there any public transportation from Seattle to Snoqualmie pass
Yes, Greyhound stops at Snoqualmie Pass.  Their web site, www.greyhound, shows three departures from the Seattle bus station, and it takes just 1 hour, 15 minutes.  From the Amtrak station there is another departure at about 10 in the morning but it takes over 2 hours. This is probably a connector for folks taking Amtrak and connecting to other places.  In September I'm going to use Greyhound to get to Snoqualmie from my home town, Vancouver, Washington.  I'll hike to Mt. Hood to attend the ALDHA-West Gathering, where Greyhound stops at Government Camp.  It's nice to know the logistics are so easy for a 300 mile hike.

Roger Carpenter
Vancouver, Washington USA

PCT 1996

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