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[pct-l] Bears and Nyquil

 I read the same newpaper article on bears and pepper spray. Bears do come to 
new smells. Still, I would choose to have a can of pepper spray over nothing. 
Saw two women that got tore up after using pepper spray and weren't too 
impressed, but many people swear by it. Chinese mustard eaten by a bear 
should still have good entertainment value. Carl, don't carry entire Nyquil 
bottle, just the small plastic cap. ( Keep your whisperlight for climbing and 
winter trips. ( I have an old MSR model 9 from 1973 that still I'm still fond 
of as well ,but it's an easy 12oz. weight cut reduction to go alcohol and and 
pure delight to just fill and light ) Back to bears, we have as many as 
anybody in Washington State. They are rarely a problem outside of parks 
because of hunting. ( smart bears live and dumb pushy bears are rugs )
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