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[pct-l] Re: newbie question

Chris wrote:
> I wanted to
> know if there was any type of public transportation that could bring us
> out to Donner Sunnit or Echo Summit.

You might also try Amtrak. The ride is spectacular and not much more than
Greyhound. The train stops in Truckee and you can easily hitch a ride to
Donner summit. I know the train starts in Berkeley but you might be able to
find a closer station to the airport. You could easily get from the airport
to Berkeley by BART. Make sure the train is going all the way to Truckee and
not just Sacramento where they then ship you the rest of the way by bus.

Be sure to stop into one of the backcountry cabins just a days walk in both
the north and south PCT.

Rusty "MyTie" Johnston
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