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[pct-l] stereotypes

Spent my 4th on the Muir Trail, resupplying my very very best friend on her 
JMT hike.

First, I couldn't believe the amount of traffic on the trail. It's like the 
backpacker superhighway out there right now. I passed a group of hikers 
about every 15 minutes.
  There was this one funny moment, crossing Evolution Creek, where 
everything was just too surreal. Stereotype one: as soon as I stepped into 
the water, all the mosquitoes in the Sierra came out to bite me. Second: 
there was a stupid note from a PCT thru-hiker who wanted to save us all from 
Evolution Creek. "Water up to your chest! Run away!" I crumpled up the note 
and moved to stereotype 3: A couple of PCT thru-hikers who would not even 
say "hi" to me as they ran off to make more miles.

Found a note in the hut on Muir Pass from "Blisterfree." I was only 2 days 
behind him and would have liked to meet the man.

Finally, I bagged three more 14ers on the way out and now have only 3 left 
to bat for the cycle this summer. Anyone out there want to belay me on the 
top section of Starlight Peak?


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