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RE: [pct-l] Sierra Hike vs. Thruhike

re: Trianga Stove.
I have not seen nor used one. Your weight of 5 ounces [stove + bottle] is
3-5 ounces lighter than my Primus [Stove + empty canister] depending on the
canister I use. [3+1.5+.5.]. Your numbers indicate what I say--A savings of
3-5 ounces under the best of conditions.

re: Rehydrating without heat.
In the desert it seems possible to rehydrate with just the heat of the sun
but in the Sierra this ain't so. To rehydrate without heat requires the food
to be prepared/packaged to work that way. Usually [not always] foods that
require time to cook/reconstitute gain a greater percentage of their weight
from water. For example, Miniute Rice requires less water to reconstitute
than the same weight of regular rice. 

re: The Esbit
Yep 2 tablets per 2 cups. However for 3 cups or when the wind is blowing or
in rain.......

Yep to everything you say but what I SEE out there is people carrying and
eating a pound of Oreo Cookies in a day because all this lightweight, easy
to reconstitute stuff ain't food. 

Yep, for a three-day hike one can go simply and not even carry a stove and
for 2700 miles one will soon learn to eat anything. On a 100-300 mile pack
in the Sierra neither situation applies. Almost always, people eat the M&M's
the first day and the freeze dried stuff gets dumped at the next resupply

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