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[pct-l] Lone Pine of the Past

 The Lone Pine of yesteryear is a far cry from that of today. First,in 1977 I 
had to wait 4 days for a box to show up at the Post Office with my snow 
equip. stuff. Second, even the cops treating you like a king and as I was 
allowed  to camp in the city park with to problem and no questions ( right in 
town and no man made creek yet ) Third, the cop looked like he might have 
been a Manson Family Member or at least a Roady for the Aulman Brothers. 
Times were a little more laid back at the tail end of the Hippie era. Even 
the local cops . I saw no other hikers in 4 days as there were fewer in 
number and spread out. The whole town looked like a Grateful Dead Ticket line 
and no chain restraunts ( Wendy's, McDonalds, etc. ) The locals were still 
talking about all the westerns and the Alabama Hills and serving coffee to 
some 1950's B movie western star.  ( Lone Pine still has a killer view though 
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