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[pct-l] Trailtown Woes

 After reading the " Lone Pine Affair ", I was taken back to what happened at 
Warner Springs in May. Local cops were swarming us at the post office as if 
we were part of the " Manson Family ". Sheriff Beuford T Justice must have 
lost his wife to a PCT hiker the way he was treating us. As three of us hit 
the road for the little 2 mile hike to Warner, the local cop drove past us 4 
times as if looking for us to break a major law, like stepping on the white 
line on the side of the road. This 5'5" sawed off cop gets out when we got to 
Warner and starts yelling at the 15 or so hikers to get there stuff " OUT of 
the Way ". Then his big change at glory hit when 2 girls got a small lift 
from the trail to town on the back of a tail gate. This totally set him off 
and was ready to arrest anyone within a 2 block radius after one of the girls 
laughed at him when he asked for some ID. This little pigheaded cop in Warner 
needed kicked right in the ???. Anyway, if someone would have said boo to 
this guy, they you still be in jail. As stated, PCT hikers are looked at as 
freaks in many redneck towns. ( Watch your Step in Warner Springs!!!!!!!! )
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