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Re: [pct-l] AT lover's live in a dream!!!

on 4/14/00 4:55 PM, Montedodge@aol.com at Montedodge@aol.com wrote:

> First of all, I would not waste 5 months to thru-hike the AT.

Why would it take you that long to do such an easy trail? ;^)

> Martin never asked and questions why his pack was lighter on
> the PCT other than new light gear. You need to only read your guide book to
> see areas on the PCT where water is to be packed for over 30 miles. The
> resupply points are farther apart. YOU NEED TO PACK FOOD FARTHER ON PCT.

8 days was the longest I had to pack food for on the PCT (Lone Pine to VVR
with a side trip to Whitney). On the AT the longest I packed food was 8 days
from Monson to Katahdin. Shorter distances are there as well. Particularly
through the NE on the AT and through Oregon on the PCT.

As far as water is concerned I decided/learned early on the PCT that I
didn't want to carry extra. I carried 6.5 liters of water from Scissor creek
to Barrel Springs and got there with about 4.5 liters. From there on I
carried just 2.5 liters no matter the distance to the next water. That
included a 35 mile waterless stretch up to McGiver spring. While one can
choose to carry extra it is not a necessity to load yourself down.

> Many former AT thru-hiker shirk the heart of the Sierra's due to lack of Snow
and route finding skills.

Really? Which ones exactly?

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