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[pct-l] Thanks Ron

 I do not mean do belittle Gramma Gatewood and Bill Irwin, they did great 
feats and I do respect them and want they did. When I hiked the PCT, me and 
everybody else carried heavy packs as we didn't know any better plus much of 
the gear was still on the heavy side. Of course now I carry one-third less 
weight in gear. I do not take away the steepness traits of the AT trail or 
the storms. It's just that the AT has many shelters to sit out storms where 
the PCT has few. The real wild card in the PCT is the Sierras and it's late 
spring storms. Also, if your not accustomed to hiking at 12,000ft and more, 
your in for a surprise. Still, towns are much more closely spaced on the AT 
and will require less food to be packed at a time. The early desert sections 
of the PCT will require a hiker to pack two or more gallons of water at a 
time. This is not a problem on the AT. Snow camping is also another PCT 
hardship, whether in the Sierras or in Northern Washington. If a hiker only 
judges the steepness of a trail and little else, I guess the AT is the 
hardest. How's that answer? Political enough??
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