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[pct-l] Packing fuel

 I really don't mind packing 20 ozs of fuel. Jardine would pack water to his 
dry " stealth " lare camp where I would try to camp next to water as Tom 
says. I do try to heat with wood to save fuel if its a while to the next 
resupply. ( But only where legal and careful to avoid a forest or bush fire)  
Right now I boil 2 cups of cold tap water in 11 minutes  in an uncovered pot. 
( plan to use a covered pot during hike) My little alcohol burner burners 3 
ozs. in 25 minutes. My old optimus 8R  white gas burner used 3 ozs in 55 
minutes but boiled a quart of water in 8 minutes. I would use less fuel per 
day but the Optimus weighes 24 ozs verses 4 ozs for alcohol burner plus pot 
support. If  you only resupply every 2 weeks, the optimus would be money 
ahead. If use resupply in a week or less, alcohol will be lighter and stove 
of choice. Still, at Kennedy Meadows, I would drag out the old white gas 
burner through the high country and longer drop areas, then go back to 
alcohol after.
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